Residential Elevators

• Increase property value
Your life may not demand on an elevator today, but prospective buyers are looking towards making accessibility easier in the future.
Homeowners are looking to age in place. Mobility and comfort will be set for the years to come.

• Convenience
Performing daily chores, retrieving groceries and decorating can be made easier with a home elevator. Individuals with mobility challenges will benefit greatly from a home elevator.

• Stylish
Add a unique touch to the property with many finishing’s to choose from. Whether you have a touch of modern, traditional or contemporary adding these touches will gain an air of sophistication with a home elevator.

All Medical is an Authorized Dealer for Savaria Residential Elevator. The Savaria Eclipse residential elevator creates a smooth ride and does not require a separate machine room.

You can view a Savaria Eclipse Brochure Here

All Medical is an Authorized Dealer for the Savaria Infinity Residential Elevator. The Savaria Infinity is equipped with a hydraulic drive system. The system is very quiet.

You can learn more about the Savaria infinity by clicking Here!

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