Wheelchair Vans

Whether you're looking for a new or used wheelchair minivan in South Carolina – or need a scooter lift for your van, our Columbia, SC staff can provide every option.  We'll make sure you get the right equipment the first time. Stop by and see us soon!

Wheelchair Accessible Vans offers Freedom and Independence.

We offer new and used wheelchair accessible vans. We can convert the following vans for an AMS Legend side entry conversion or an AMS Edge rear entry conversion.

•    Dodge Grand Caravan
•    Chrysler Town & Country
•    Honda Odyssey
•    Toyota Sienna

All Medical has Wheelchair Accessible Vans. Our AMS Van conversions offer:

1.    Safety
2.    Reliability
3.    Huge savings. Over $10,000 in savings or more
4.    Financing Friendly
5.    Pre-owned vans / new conversions

Side Entry Wheelchair Accessible Van.

When it comes to accessible wheelchair vans, one of the most common modifications made to accommodate wheelchair passengers is to lower the floor of a minivan. This provides the extra floor to ceiling clearance needed to permit a person to remain seated in their wheelchair while entering, riding in or driving the vehicle.

All Medical Inc. has partnered with leading minivan conversion manufacturers to provide you with affordable wheelchair accessible vans.  We can help you with your side entry van conversion, making it a pleasant and painless experience that will greatly improve your quality of life.

AMS Rear Entry Edge Wheelchair Accessible Van.

For some people, a side entry vehicle doesn't meet their lifestyle or parking garage needs.

Back or rear entry wheelchair vans provide an economically friendly accessible option that takes the worry out of narrow aisle ways and other side entry limitations.

Back entry lowered floor conversions are seamlessly engineered to make wheelchair minivans as barrier-free as possible.




Safety Is a Top Priority with AMS Wheelchair Vans

Crash-Test Certified

The AMS side entry Legend was the first wheelchair van in America to pass the rigorous 2010 National Highway Transportation Safety Authority crash tests in all three categories on the first try. AMS abides by extra safety precautions that some other wheelchair van manufacturers dismiss during the conversion process.

Rocker Panel

AMS Vans is one of the only wheelchair van companies where you can buy handicap accessible vans with the original rocker panel boxes intact. These original rocker panels support and distribute the weight of the van while protecting the vehicle’s occupants. Other mobility dealers slice these panels in an attempt to offer more interior space which can compromise the vehicle’s ability to withstand impacts.

B- Pillar

While some conversion companies slice the B Pillar on the driver’s side, AMS leaves the B Pillar in place to maintain the structural integrity provided by the vehicle manufacturer. In addition, keeping the B Pillar retains a raised protective barrier on the driver’s side of the mini-van and prevents the wheelchair user from rolling out an open driver’s side door.

Manual Override Ramps

In addition to crash safety, all AMS vans have a manual override so that you are always able to get in and out of the van. Some manufacturers depend solely on a power operated back up system that can fail in the event of battery or motor problems.

AMS Electrical System

AMS systems are not tied in to the manufacturer’s electrical wiring and computer controls. This means more reliability and ease of service. Other van manufacturer’s wire into the vehicle wiring system which can mean expensive repairs and complications with vehicle warranty coverage. AMS conversions have their own separate wiring system.

Consult a mobility specialist to help guide you to the best van and saving you lots of money.

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